The soccer shoes come in a great variety of forms: turf shoes, indoor shoes, molded cleats, and interchangeable cleats. Each type is designed for a specific kind of surface so you should know exactly which type of surface you are going to be playing on. For instance, interchangeable and molded cleats work best for natural grass surfaces, where you need to bite into the ground for better traction. Go with the indoor shoes when playing soccer in some sports courts, asphalt or concrete. As for the turf shoes- it’s quite evident that they’re meant to be worn on turf-covered fields. What’s to know about soccerRead More →

No matter your skills level when playing soccer, your soccer cleats are essential for improving your game. Good soccer cleats are going to provide optimal traction, no matter the surface you’re playing on. There are various types of soccer cleats so you do need to do due diligence in order to find out which fit the best your needs. General info about soccer cleats, that you need to know before purchasing. What counts when buying soccer cleats? One of the most popular sports out there, soccer is a great game and you can play it at any age, no matter if you’re an amateur orRead More →