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Bowling is one of the popular recreational sports all around the globe. When many people take it as a leisure activity, some also play this game on the professional level. Just like any other game, one requires consistent practice along with decent coordination for performing well in this sport. Along with proper technique, one thing which plays a significant role – in a player’s performance in bowling – is the bowling ball.

When it comes to purchasing the best bowling ball, one has to consider some features. Firstly, the weight of the ball should be carefully selected as per the physicality of its thrower. If you choose a ball, which is too heavy as compared to your physique, you might end up injuring yourself. Moreover, it should be difficult to control a heavier ball which will eventually affect your performance.

Afterward, have a look at the lane conditions on which you’re going to play, and finally, this purchase should be perfect as per your playing style. You might be thinking that it is impossible to find a ball with all the characteristics above. However, there is no need to worry.

If you’re looking to make a hassle-free purchase, you’ve just landed at the right place. Featuring some of the best bowling balls on today’s market, the below-mentioned guide is of the vast essence for all the bowling-enthusiasts.

Top 3 Best Bowling Ball

Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue Bowling Ball

Coming from a popular brand in the field of bowling balls, the Loading product data.TZone Caribbean Blue Bowling Ball has got all the features which you could expect from a product of Brunswick. Stylish and high-performing, users can purchase it without breaking the bank.

The TZone comes in 10 different sizes so that everyone can buy it as per his or her personal preference. Starting at a weight of 6lbs, the TZone can be acquired up to 16lbs of weight. When the former size is ideal for the children, the latter seems handy for adult male athletes. If you’re a woman, consider choosing the size from 10 to 14lbs.

This ball comes with a Polyester coverstock which makes it an ideal purchase for the newbies as well as the players with a standard set of skills. It has a stylish design along with high gloss polish which makes it easy to throw the ball in straight lines.

However, the TZone Bowling ball doesn’t come pre-drilled. This is a common occurrence with a lot of bowling balls. So as soon as it arrives at your doorstep, you’ve to take it to a nearby bowling manufacturer for the sake of drilling.


    Available in 10 different sizes

    Polyester coverstock for the beginners

    Nice-looking exterior


    Not the most durable product

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

The Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is yet another high-quality product in this list. This ball comes in no less than seven different colors so everyone can purchase this product in his/her favorite design. Moreover, when you can also choose from a wide range of sizes, it is a perfect bowling ball for players from different age groups.

The Pyramid Path Bowling Ball incorporates a Polyester coverstock which helps it to stay straight on the bowling lanes. Featuring a stylish Path logo on its exterior, it comes undrilled, so one has to drill it before using it in the bowling alley.

When Pyramid is a trusted brand in the field of bowling balls, you can expect the same quality of this product. This is one of the very few bowling balls, in today’s market, which comes with a 2-year warranty. So even if the ball gets damaged during that timeframe, you can easily replace it without any hassle.


    Ideal for all age groups

    2-year warranty

    Variety of stylish designs


    Comes undrilled

Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

Available at an affordable price, the Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball is one of the least expensive products in this list. Despite the small price tag, it still is a high-quality ball which one could use for a consistent duration of time.

The Maxim Bowling ball comes in a stylish, cool water design which resembles that of the planet earth. Incorporating a mixture of blue and green, this is the only color in which you can purchase this ball. Furthermore, it consists of a Polyester cover stock which makes it quite easy to travel with this ball from one place to the other.

Finally, the manufacturer has provided a gloss finish to this product which gives it a rather glossier look. So if you’re a budget-conscious shopper, who would love to purchase a decent quality bowling ball, have a look at this product.


    Ideal for Budget-oriented customers

    Proper design with a durable construction

    Easy to carry


    Might be a bit too light for experienced users

Best Hooking Bowling Ball

It is weighing 15lbs, the Loading product data. Hammer Black Widow Assassin Bowling Ball is designed while keeping the mind the experienced set of players. Presenting an aggressive design, it belongs to one of the most famous lines of balls ever produced by this manufacturer, the Black Widow.

This ball comes with a spider logo on its cover which gives it a rather scary look. Featuring sturdy construction, Hammer has used NBT Solid cover in the building of this ball. It produces a sharp break at the end of the lane, and when it stores a valuable amount of energy, it will crush the pins with absolute certainty.

For enhanced grip, the Assassin Bowling Ball is equipped with Gas Mask core which also imparts it with a solid feel. Then comes the polished texture on the outside and you will be able to hold this ball comfortably.

So if you’re looking for the best hooking ball, one which comes preloaded with a broad range of features, the Hammer Black Widow Assassin is worth a try.


    Sturdy Construction

    Ideal for continuous hooking

    Nice, Intimidating design


    Not great for newbies

Best Urethane Bowling Ball

The Storm Mix is one of the best urethane bowling balls which one could purchase from today’s market. Available in three different colors, it lets you choose this product in your favorite color. All these colors are quite different from each other so that the user has a wider margin of selection.

You can purchase this ball in the size you want as starting from size 6, which is perfect for the beginners, it goes all the way up to the size 16.

It has a cover stock made of Pearl urethane which, unlike that of cheap plastic, grips the lane flawlessly. Moreover, it is quite a durable material of construction so once you purchase this bowling ball, you don’t have to buy another one shortly.

Moving forward, the Storm Mix features a traditional 3-piece core which is becoming a norm with most of the bowling balls. Depending on the lane conditions, this ball will produce a considerable amount of hook, but it can be easily controlled.


    Available in 9 different sizes

    Sturdy Exterior

    Long-lasting construction


    Creates tiny hook

Best Bowling Ball Brand

When it comes to the market of Bowling balls, Brunswick is a trusted name in this particular marketplace. Having manufactured loads of high-quality products, the BRUNSWICK RHINO BOWLING BALL is yet another great product from this manufacturer.

The ball gets its name from a rhino logo which is printed on its exterior. It is available in 5 different colors, all of whom are quite distinct from each other. Also, you can also purchase this ball in your ideal size as starting from size 10; customers can acquire the Rhino Bowling Ball up to the size 16.

Incorporating resin as its primary material of construction, the manufacturer has crafted it in such a way that it boasts a perfect combo of power and control. You can use it in almost any lane condition, and when it isn’t too reactive, it makes it an excellent choice for the newbies.

One thing which we found quite impressive in this ball is its stylish design. As compared to the majority of other bowling balls, this looks much more elegant to a naked eye. So if you an entry level bowling ball which looks great as well, this one is worth a try.


    Nice-looking design

    Perfect for beginners

    Slight hook potential


    Have to spend additional money on drilling

Best Bowling Ball for Dry Lanes

When it comes to purchasing a bowling ball for dry lanes, it should have a stiff cover stock. The reason behind it that when you throw it on the dry lane, it will move rather quickly without consuming all of its energy on the lane. Hence, when it strikes the pins, it will still produce a great impact to have the desired outcome. So if you’re looking for one such ball, have a look at the Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball.

A versatile product, customers can choose this ball in no less than five different colors. Same goes with available sizes as you can select the Pyramid Path in 8 various sizes. When the lowest available size is 8, the highest is 16.

For producing an optimal performance on dry lanes, it comes with a Reactive Pearl coverstock. When this is the very first entry level ball from this manufacturer, Pyramid is offering it with a polished finish. All of these features combine effectively when it comes to reducing frictions as well as moving swiftly over the dry lanes.

The Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball features a broad range of drilling options which allows you to increase its hook potential or produce a stronger backend for that matter. This is made possible by the symmetrical core which remains unaffected by almost any kind of drilling pattern.


    Versatile Bowling Ball

    Pearl coverstock rolls effortlessly on dry lanes

    Ideal for entry-level bowlers


    Question marks about the style

Best Bowling Ball on the Market

With a Plethora of shots available in the bowling marketplace, it isn’t easy to pick out a single top quality ball. Depending on the ball’s set of features, the user’s playing style and the budget which he or she could afford to spend, it is quite difficult to purchase a product with all the desired characteristics. But if you’re looking for one ball which is high-performing, durable and affordable, that’s where the Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball comes into the fray.

The Antidote is another product from Pyramid which offers a unique combination of nice-looking design with premium performance. Starting from 12 pounds, you can purchase it up to full, 16lbs bowling ball.

Coming towards the ball’s performance, it performs spectacularly well on medium-heavy oiled lanes thanks to the 149 symmetric core. It is a dense ceramic core which is available in all the sizes as mentioned earlier. As per the coverstock, it is the reliable navigational GPS coverstock which, in simple words, is the reactive resin which helps this ball perform well on a much basis.

Another thing which is quite impressive on this ball that unlike most of other such products in today’s market, this is one of the very few bowling balls that comes with a warranty. Yes, this ball comes with a 2-year warranty so even when it is available at an inexpensive price, the manufacturer hasn’t compromised on its quality one bit.


    Comes a 2-year warranty

    New Era 149 symmetric core

    Affordable Purchase


    Isn’t recommended for dry lanes

Best Bowling Ball for Beginners

One of the least expensive products from Brunswick, the TZone Green Envy Bowling Ball comes at a perfect price for beginners. When newbies cannot afford to spend a greater amount of money, they don’t have to do that while purchasing this beauty. In addition to other regular sizes, one can also buy this ball in Size 6 which is of great virtue when it comes to the younger customers.

From a beginner’s point of view, the TZone incorporates a polyester coverstock which allows the ball to move in a straight line. As compared to resins, polyester is a harder material of construction which won’t allow the friction to affect its movement.

Besides, the TZone makes use of a glossy finish to give it a clean look. It also a hook potential of 25 so that you don’t have to do additional work for controlling the ball’s movement.

Finally, this ball can be purchased in just one color, so you have to be content on a mixture of green and black. But having said that, it still is a decent-quality purchase for the beginners in this sport.


    Lower Hook Potential

    Ideal Polyester Coverstock for newbies

    Decent value for money


    Requires drilling

Best Storm Bowling Ball

A trusted manufacturer, Storm is a famous brand for creating high-quality bowling balls consistently. Ever since 2000, this company has come up with some of the best products in this regard, and the Storm Code Black Bowling Ball is no different to it either.

Crafted for the serious bowlers, this ball is available from size 12 to 16. All of these sizes are most viable for the professional players, and that’s what makes this ball stands tall against its competitors. Incorporating a dull black color, the manufacturer has designed this ball with patches of silver and charcoal design.

This ball has a 2.50 Radius of Gyration which means that this ball tends to hook early. Its core is made up of RAD4 as the Storm Code incorporates a reactive Pearl Coverstock. So if you’re a professional user, who is looking to purchase a premium quality ball, the Stork Code Black Bowling ball deserves a shot.


    Pearl Reactive Coverstock

    Vibrant Design

    Ideal for Experienced users


    The price might be an issue with some customers

Best 3 Bowling Bag

After purchasing the list above now is the time to buy a suitable bowling bag.

There are different types of bowling bags available in today’s market. But if you’re concerned about the storage space, go for the best three ball bowling bag. The reason behind it is when any such bag can store three bowling balls at a time, it will be a worthwhile acquisition for players on the go.

Pyramid Path Triple Tote Roller Plus

The name of Pyramid is synonymous with excellence when it comes to the market of bowling accessories. When this brand is extremely famous for its line of bowling balls, this manufacturer has also earned heaps of praise with their premium-quality bowling bags.

One such product is the Pyramid Path Triple Tote Roller Plus. Featuring 1680 Denier in its construction, this is a heavy duty bag which can hold in no less than three different bowling balls. Also present in this purchase is a separate shoe compartment which is good enough to accommodate men’s shoe sizes up to 15. This compartment is detachable so one can also use it separately.

On top of this bag is an accessory pack which is spacious enough for holding in your valuables. Just like the shoe compartment, it is also detachable which offers convenient storage.

For the ease of steering, this bag comes fitted with small wheels along with a lift handle which makes it easy to transport from one place to the other.


    Ample Storage Space

    Removable Bags

    Durable Material of Construction


    Small sized wheels

BSI Triple Ball Roller Bowling Bag

The BSI Triple Ball Roller Bowling Bag is an ideal purchase for all those customers who’re looking to store three bowling balls at a time. Featuring three separate compartments, all of them are padded so that the balls won’t strike against each other. For keeping the balls in place, it has a different buckle for each of them which will keep them from moving. Hence, it will save them from damaging as a user moves from one place to the other.

This bag can hold a pair of shoes as the manufacturer has provided a separate shoe compartment for this particular purpose. It has two storage pockets on its top while a further two have been integrated on the bag’s sides. All of these pockets are provided with sturdy metal zippers which make sure that all the accessories stay inside consistently.

As per the wheels, these are made of plastic which can sustain rough usage. So, if you want a three-ball bowling bag with ample storage space, consider purchasing BSI Triple Ball Roller Bowling Bag.


    Padded Ball Compartments

    Spacious Shoe compartment

    Side Pockets have decent storage space


    Could be a bit more compact

Hammer Triple Tote with Pouch

The Hammer Triple Tote Bowling Bag is ideal for all those users who’re looking to travel with this accessory. Whether it is a recreational trip or you’re going to participate in a tournament, this bag can be your ideal companion.

Featuring storage space for three bowling balls, it can store men’s bowling shoes and finally, you can also place your valuable essentials in its removable key pouch. You can also remove the shoe storage section, which can store a men’s size 15 shoes, and use it as a separate compartment as per your convenience.

The Hammer Triple Tote has two handles on either side which makes it easy to insert in or take out from the car. The handle on one end of this bag is adjustable, so depending on your height, you can adjust it without any difficulty.

This bag has made use of sturdy wheels which makes it easy to push through the parking lot, in the airport and all other such scenarios. It also has shoulder straps which are heavily padded along with Velcro handles for smooth traveling.


    Removable Shoe Section

    Heavy duty construction

    Durable wheels


    Needs to be cleaned regularly

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